Information and resources to help Support Group members with:
Suggested financial expenditure of a Support Group, details for the correct set up of a District's bank accounts and how to coordinate a District fundraising or biscuit drive.

Financial Expenditure
This is a list of suggested expenses that a Support Group may encounter.
* interest badges for girls, qualification/service badges for Leaders/Support Group members;
* assist with cost of Leaders uniforms;
  • assist with Leaders/District Manager’s training, conference fees and membership;
  • assist with District Manager’s expenses such as telephone, stationery, travel;
  • assist with administration expenses for Support Group members such as postage, telephone, photocopying, tea, coffee
  • maintain campsites;
  • hut maintenance - such as rent, electricity, telephone, upkeep and improvements;
  • pay annual District Fee;
  • subscribe annually to Queensland on the Go (if you would like a hard copy posted to your District);
  • assist with the purchase of Unit and camping equipment;
  • contribute to Region administration costs;
  • pay relevant insurance premiums - details are sent annually from State Office to District Managers;
  • assist support group members to attend appropriate conferences;
  • contribute to State/Region/District/community good turn;
  • purchase girl guides biscuits and calendars.

  • Support Groups are not responsible for members International/Australian/State/Region/Unit/Camp fees.
    They may choose to hold a specific fund-raiser to assist Guides and Leaders attending these events.

    Bank Accounts
    There must be separate accounts for each Unit and the Support Group or DST operating.

    Unit Accounts
    Unit accounts handles the Guide money that is paid either as a weekly sub or a term payment and used for the Unit activities. Each Unit must have its own account as the money is for the running of that Unit. It is also part of a Leader’s training that she is competent in keeping Unit accounts. Support Group funds are used to maintain the meeting place and help keep Leaders equipped for their role.

    Support Group Accounts
    A Support Group account is money raised, either through fundraising or levy, to maintain the District. This money is public money and is cared for by the Support Group executive. Unless a Leader offers, she should not be expected to collect any Support Group monies. This system can also apply for any other fundraising drives.

    Bank Account Names:
    Policy and Procedure provides details about the opening of bank accounts following feedback from Districts. All State, Region, District, Unit and Support Group accounts opened from 1 July 2010 must be operated in the name of Girl Guides Queensland followed by the name of the relevant Region, District, Unit, Support Group or event name as applicable.

    Any change of signatories should be done as soon as possible. Your District Manager must be a signature on all bank accounts. The Region Manager fulfills this requirement if there is no District Manager.

    Bank Statements
    It is best to ask for your bank statement to be issued monthly and fixed to the last day of the month. This makes for easier monthly reconciliation. Should you be keeping an automated account system, a monthly hard copy (reconciled) should be produced and kept.

    Finance Forms and Publications

      QF.FI.08 Audit Form
    To be completed by the Unit or District Manager to report an annual financial summary to Girl Guides Queensland. 
    Completed forms must be forwarded to the State Office by 30 April each year.

    pdf QP.FI.17 Simple Book keeping for Support Groups and District Support Teams

    pdf QP.FI.15 Cashbooks for Support Groups and District Support Teams

     QF.FI. 26 Changes to Bank Accounts  (Forms must be download before it can be edited)
    This form is to be completed for changes to Bank Accounts