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Hut Reports

While your District Manager is responsible for the collection of Hut Reports. 

  • The Hut Report is sent in with the annual returns by 31 March.  It is a summary of any maintenance and/or improvements made to the hut in the past year. Cut and paste this from the annual report.
  • Hut Insurance is paid to State Office during June. The account is sent in the District mail and is paid by the Support Group. All Districts need to ensure the contents are covered.
  • Hut Inventory needs to be continually updated with current replacement costs and a copy sent into State Office with your insurance. Craft materials, books, kitchen utensils, etc; can be grouped but detailed lists should be kept in the District.
  • Current photograph/s of your hut.
  • The Building Safety Checklist is required to conform with Workplace Health and Safety, and any defaults need to be remedied as soon as possible. Remember that some repairs (e.g., electrical) must be done by a qualified person. 

Protecting the District Assets
Photographs should be scanned, stored on a disk and kept away from the Guide Hut.  This ensures back up protection for those irreplaceable items in case of damage. Record trophy details in a similar way. This may be something Support Group could do over a period of time.  

  Asbestos Awareness Information Booklet

  Get up to date with the facts about asbestos. Find out how to handle, remove and dispose of it safely and legally in Queensland.