Roles and Responsibilities

Districts can operate with either a Support Group or a District Support Team to support Guiding. The District Manager is responsible for and is a Member of the Support Group or District Support Team. The Manager is also an ex-official Member of any ad-hoc Committees that may be formed.

A Support Group is a body of non-uniformed people within a District.
A District Support Team comprises Leaders and non-uniformed people within a District.
The Support Group or District Support Team have no responsibility for the running of Units or the appointment of Leaders, nor does it have a say on Unit funds.

The Role of the Support Group

The success of Guiding depends on the adult volunteers who give their time and energy to support Guiding. 

The Support Group or also called the District Support Team is a great source of strength and support to the District Manager, Leaders and Units. A Support Group assists with the promotion of Guiding in the local community. It helps financially and actively through projects, participation in Guiding and community events. All Leaders know and appreciate the contribution of a Support Group and can assist by encouraging parents and carers to take an active part in the Team.

A Support Group provides essential moral, practical and financial support within a District and should work together as a team to ensure the smooth running of the District. Members of a Support Team attend Leader and District meetings only under invitation from the District Manager. A Support Group is not responsible for setting rules and regulations in a District. 

website Guides Australia Guide Lines for Girl Guides and Girl Guide Volunteers
pdf QPP.AD.01 Girl Guides Queensland Policy and Procedure

How Support Groups assist the District

These are some of the practical ways Support Group members can assist the District.

Be part of the District team
  • attend monthly meetings
  • participate in activity days
  • staff at Unit camps/Leaders' training
  • bake a cake, 
  • staff a stall 
  • welcome parents
  • accompany the District Manager to Promise ceremonies and to functions both within and outside Guiding
  • be represented at Junior BP, BP and Queen's Guide presentations
  • provide baby sitting
  • make the Guide Promise - become an enrolled member (females only) 

Maintain Guide Huts and Campsites 
  • fix a fuse/tap/drain/leak
  • change a lock
  • clean gutters/mow the grounds/clean the hut

  • Support the District Manager and Leaders
    • teach special skills or craft to the Guides
    • assess competency badges
    • recommend to the District Manager persons suitable as Leaders, badge assessors and auditor
    • assist with administrative work
    • offer hospitality to visiting members

    Become an office bearer 
    Support Groups  usually have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. Other positions such as Public Relations, Badge Secretary may also be available. Office bearers can assist to:
    • promote Guiding within the community
    • type newsletter or notices
    • recognise member achievements - perhaps in the newsletter.
Guidelines for Office Bearers

All Office Bearers should be familiar with, and have a knowledge of, Guiding publications as listed in Catalogue of Publications for use by Support Group/District Support Team. Office Bearers should, where able, attend the Bi-annual Support Group Conference and any training for Support Group members. Duties are briefly outlined below. Support Groups/District Support Teams may have additional positions to fit their individual needs.


  • Works closely with the District Manager to prepare a yearly plan
  • Prepares, with the Secretary, an agenda for each meeting and conducts efficient meetings encouraging full participation
  • Signs minutes of meetings as correct when they have been confirmed
  • Presents an annual report for the SG/DST at the Annual General Meeting 


  • Assists the President - is part of the team
  • Chairs the meeting in the absence of the President and assumes the responsibility of any office bearer who is unavailable 

Public Relations/Publicity Secretary

  • In consultation with the District Leader, initiates and supports public relations activities that will improve the Guiding image in the community 
  • In consultation with the District Leader, produces a regular newsletter 
  • Keeps records of photographs, reports, newspaper items for the District history and sends copies to the Region Marketing Manager for use by Girl Guides Queensland
  • Ensures Talent release forms are signed by parents/care providers for publication of names and photographs
  • Attends to correspondence
  • Notifies members and parents/caregivers of meetings
  • Keeps concise and accurate minutes of all meetings, highlighting who will action decisions
  • Completes the Annual General Meeting Report Form and sends with Annual District Report, Building Safety Checklist and Receipts and Payments Summary (Audit Report) and sends to the Region Manager by 31 March each year. 
  • Retains an inventory of all District property and a key register 
  • Maintains a list of names/addresses of parents/care givers, SG/DST members in the District and SG/DST membership forms

  • Prepares an annual budget for the District
  • Pays all accounts by cheque and keeps a record of petty cash payments for audit purposes
  • Keeps current records of all financial transactions, prepares a written monthly financial statement and recommends all accounts for payment 
  • Ensures that all financial books of the SG/DST are audited annually and, with the District Manager, prepares an audited annual statement